WonderPen Release Notes

This page shows a record summary of several recent releases.
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- Fixed some issues and improved stability - Some style and text updates


- Optimize cloud synchronization function - Some minor details adjustments and improvements - Resolve the issue of being unable to delete documents or whiteboards in certain situations


- Fix some issues with the title bar - Adjust the minimum size of the editor window


- Update and add new document icons to make document identification more personalized. - Fix the issue of images not displaying on Excalidraw cards in some cases. - Add "Highlight Current Editor" functionality support to multi-tab mode. - Fix the problem of inline formulas not rendering correctly in some cases when exporting. - Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.


- When the editor is split, you can highlight the editor where the current cursor is located - Add theme switching option in the bottom right corner menu of the editor - Make some adjustments to the wording and translations - Fix some minor issues


- Add two new themes: Peach Fuzz, Light Red - Improve the logic for generating local snapshots - Fix the issue of possible failure to delete attachment files on Windows - The free version can also use the dark theme - Fixed some minor issues - Some copy adjustments and detail optimizations


- Added horizontal splitting option to the editor - Added new themes: Green 2, Cyan, Pink, and Silver - Added scheduled theme function - Some minor improvements and bug fixes


- Added custom backup path settings, now you can specify the storage location of backup files - When multiple documents are selected in the directory tree on the left, the writing targets of the documents can be set in batches - Other detailed adjustments and experience improvements


- Added account system and cloud synchronization support - Library supports partial export and import - Records in the recent library list can be pinned - Many details improvements and adjustments


- When importing text files, support selecting folders for batch import - Custom CSS can also be used when exporting to images, PDF, etc. - Memos can be displayed in the form of cards - You can right-click the selected text in the editor to add it as the content of a new card - Add letter spacing settings - Add a setting option "Automatically backups are only made when content changes", with the default setting being enabled - Add a new One-click formatting rule: Remove solo empty line - Fix some minor issues and make some improvements to the details


- The document floating window can also be switched to rendering mode - Add duplication function to whiteboard and cards - Support counting the total word count of the entire library - Improve the method of carriage return to jump out of paired punctuation, and better handle multiple nested paired punctuation - Fixed the problem that the typewriter mode would flicker when changing lines in some cases - Improved document preview rendering - Some style adjustments and detail improvements


- The selected documents can now be moved to a specified location in the context menu of the directory tree. - Added a new option: Automatically backup when exiting the app. - Added a new option: Automatically change the comma before the cursor to a period when the enter key is pressed. - Added a new option: Automatically delete all whitespace characters before the cursor when the backspace key is pressed at the beginning of a line. - Improved the method of obtaining the font list on macOS. - Improved the method of creating a new document library. - Removed the experimental feature of the editor. - Various minor improvements and bug fixes.


This is a bug-fix release, which fixes some issues with the editor.


- Introduce a setting to enable keypress sound effects - Fix the issue of the editor scrollbar being difficult to operate in some cases - Enable spell check in the editor - Some other bug fixes and style adjustments


- When using embedded search, the keywords in the directory tree in the left panel are also highlighted - One-click formatting can also be used in the card list in the right panel - Support pressing the Enter key to jump out of paired punctuation such as [] - When the left and right sidebars are hidden, they can be temporarily displayed when the mouse moves to the edge - Fix some export related issues - When the typing duration is less than 1 day, it is displayed as cumulative minutes - Some minor bug fixes


- The number of words written today can be displayed at the bottom of the editor - The word count of the document can be displayed behind the title of the document in the directory tree on the left - Added group management to the card list - The highlight color of the card list can be customized - Cards in the whiteboard can be moved to other whiteboards - Fixed the problem that the author name and cover image were not remembered when exporting Epub - Adjust the logic of writing time statistics - Some detail improvements and minor bug fixes


- Fix some issues when jumping out of quotation marks by pressing the Enter key


- Added Dracula theme - Added the option to auto-hide the editor scrollbar - Added the option to jump out of quotation marks by pressing the Enter key in the editor - Added search functionality to the table, checklist, and Kanban in the whiteboard - Allowed line wrapping for long items in the checklist in the whiteboard - Fixed word count issue when splitting or merging chapters - Allowed drag-and-drop sorting in the automatic height view of the card list - Pressing Enter in the embedded search box to select the next search result - Fixed some issues with Epub export - Fixed the layout issue of the header in the outline view - Improved the method of counting words - Some other minor adjustments and performance optimizations


- Can display writing target in the editor status bar - Improve smart backup rules, some rules become optional - Improved card list performance - Improve the typing statistics function and add typing time statistical charts - When previewing or exporting Markdown, continuous spaces and newlines can be preserved - Fixed the problem that two connected card titles could not be clicked separately when the card was highlighted in the editor - Some details optimization and adjustment


- Card titles can be highlighted in the editor - You can select text in the editor and right-click to add it as a card - Some details and experience improvements


- The whiteboard now supports Excalidraw cards - Add undo and redo buttons to the toolbar at the top of the editor - The rules for one-click formatting have added the option to replace half-width commas and periods with full-width ones - Fixed the problem that the word count of sub-documents and directory details was not updated in some cases - Fixed some issues with find and replace operations - Fixed some chapter splitting and merging problems - Some minor improvements and bug fixes


- Added gray theme - Added writing target function - Added smart delete old backup function - Automatic replacement rules can be imported and exported in batches - Preferences can be imported and exported - When the left column is arranged vertically, the height of each row can be adjusted - You can right-click on the content of the memo, and formatting the content of the memo in the context menu - The typing statistics become global, that is, the typing statistics of all libraries are merged - Daily typing statistics can be exported as pictures for easy sharing - Some minor bug fixes and experience details improvements - Some copywriting and style tweaks


- Added card list, which can be used to record global notes - Added automatic replacement function - Added vertical arrangement view for the left panel - Improved outline view - Display custom metadata in document info panel - Other minor bug fixes and style adjustments


- Added outline view - Added the ability to clear all snapshots - Added the ability to create a new document from a template - Editor can add horizontal line background - The contents of whiteboard can be sorted manually - Fixed the problem that the image could not be displayed correctly when exporting to Epub in some cases - Some styling improvements and minor bug fixes


- Added support for dialogue highlighting - Added custom CSS feature - Improvements to typewriter mode, directory tree, etc. - Some minor bug fixes and style adjustments


- Fixed some styling issues with one-click formatting controls - Fixed some styling issues in minimalist mode - Fix some search related issues in multi-tab mode - When the document is deleted, the tab and floating window corresponding to the document are automatically closed


- The default document library can now be hidden - Added shortcut keys for chapter split operation - Document directory tree can be displayed in reverse order - The editor supports multiple tabs (need to be enabled in preferences) - Improved method of exporting to Word documents - Support batch one-click formatting of multiple documents - Support setting multiple one-click formatting schemes - Some style modifications and copywriting updates - Some other minor bug fixes


- Support document splitting and merging - Support to expand and collapse all documents - Windows version can minimize to system tray when closing window - Fixed an issue when scrolling with the middle mouse button on Windows - Fixed the problem that there is no prompt when the export is successful in some cases - Some other minor bug fixes


- Fixed some issues in editor split state - Fix an alignment problem of the left directory tree in some cases - Fine-tuned the color scheme of the yellow theme


- Added "Green" and "Yellow" themes - Improve the style of the top bar under Windows, consistent with the theme color - Allows to call external tool Pandoc when exporting to Word format - Some bug fixes - Some style, copywriting and other detail adjustments


- Fixed an issue where the editor content continued to scroll in some cases - Fixed an issue with editor history - Document icons can be changed in batches - Some other minor bug fixes


- Fixed the problem that the backup list was not displayed in some cases - Fixed the problem that the editor cannot input content temporarily after clearing the snapshot under Windows - Fixed an issue that the cursor position of the editor was not automatically updated in some cases


- NEW: Documents can be opened in a floating window (in the directory tree context menu) - The editor can turn off Markdown syntax highlighting, which is convenient for users of plain text writing - Fixed some issues related to exporting Epub - Some other bug fixes and detail tweaks


- Fixed an issue when exporting as image - Fixed an issue when exporting as Epub - Some copywriting adjustments


- Search window can be toggled between window mode and dock mode - The viewport size in preview mode can now be adjusted - Added correction function to typing statistics - Font size in composition mode can be set individually - Some styling and copywriting adjustments - some minor bug fixes


- Add some settings for the left tree panel, you can set the font size and line height of the tree now - The book title can be set when exporting as Epub - Several minor bug fixes and detail improvements - Some copywriting adjustments


- Add typing statistics - Add document in-page outline and whiteboard outline function - Add interface font setting function - Add settings related to exiting the compose mode - Improve the search function, you can set the default search scope for the current document or all documents - Improve the document icon setting function - Fix several experience problems and some small bugs - Update some text and translation


- You can hide the ungrouped column in Kanban - Fixed a problem with new column in Kanban - Fixed some issues in multi-window mode


- Now you can specify the scope when searching and replacing, the default is the current document - Remember the split status of the editor - Quickly preview the content of a backup - When exporting to text as folder, export the included images at the same time - Fix the problem of cursor and scrollbar jumping in some cases - Improve the preview function of image cards in whiteboard - Some text and translation adjustments


- Add document snapshot function - Show width values when resizing the left and right panel - Improve the preview function of whiteboard and cards in the trashcan - When importing text documents, you can specify the target node now - Several other small improvements and minor style adjustments


- Add the function of importing text files - Align the grid when the size of whiteboard card is adjusted - Fix some problems with the movement and indentation of the directory tree - Some styles, icons and other details adjustments and improvements


- Fix some problems with the search and replace function - Grouping items of the checklist cards by check state - Some other minor fixes and improvements


- Some erformance optimization - Some style improvements and bug fixes - When a document is selected, the total word count of the current document and subdocuments will be displayed


- Fix an issue that the preferences are reset in some cases - Fix a compatibility problem with PopClip (macOS) - Fix an issue that the cursor is too large when the line height is large - Fix an issue of failure to delete documents in some cases - Some other minor adjustments and improvements


- Fix an issue of incorrect cursor position in some cases - Fix an issue that the directory tree panel and memo panel could not be opened in some cases - Fix an issue of pasting pictures in the editor - When exporting to images and other formats, you can apply the editor’s line height style - Add support for adjusting font size and line height of the memo panel


- New version 2.0! ✨✨✨ - New whiteboard, where you can add sticky notes, forms, kanban and other information - Improve document library management function - Improve the find function and export function - Lots of detail improvements and bug fixes


- [Fixed] Fix the problem that one-click formatting is invalid in some cases - [Fixed] Fixed the problem of failing to obtain fonts in some cases - [Improved] Some other minor improvements


- [Fixed] Fix the problem that the operation of creating a new document library may fail in some cases


- [Improved] Update the dependent third-party library to improve the stability of the program - [Improved] Some other minor improvements


- [New] Add option to set page margin - [Fixed] Fix some style issues - [Fixed] Fix some issues when exporting to ePub - [Improved] Update the dependent third-party library to improve the stability of the program - [Improved] Some other minor improvements