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The License key is bound to this Email, please enter your email address, and we will send the generated License key to this email.

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How many devices can one License Key be used on?

A License Key is licensed to a user, not to a specific device, and can be used on all computers in normal personal use.

However, we will check the usage of the registration code from time to time, and may freeze the key if we see signs of obvious abuse (or registration code leakage), such as the number of devices active at the same time significantly exceeding the normal value.

What should I do if I did not receive the License Key?

You can check the trash box of your mailbox, sometimes the License Key email will be delivered to the trash box. You can also click here and follow the prompts to resend the License Key.

What should I do if I forget the License Key?

You can click here and follow the prompts to retrieve the License Key.

What's the difference between the download version and the Mac App Store version

Both versions are functionally identical, except that they are available from different sources. The download version includes Windows, macOS, and Linux versions, while the Mac App Store version is available only on macOS.

If you only use it on macOS, choose whichever version you prefer, or if you might also use it on Windows, macOS, or Linux, choosing the download version and purchasing a full-platform registration code may be a better deal.

What is the difference between a License Key and a redemption code?

The License Key is the credential required to activate the software and is tied to the Email.

A redemption code is a one-time code used to generate a registration code that can be tied to your email on this page to generate the corresponding License Key.

Is there a detailed documentation of WonderPen features?

Please click here to view WonderPen's online help documentation, which contains detailed descriptions of WonderPen's various features. If you still have questions or suggestions, you can contact us directly.